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Indiana Jones and the
Temple of the Forbidden Eye

1/8" Scale Model


31 March 2009
Posted 06:15 by Les

This 1/8” scale model represents 2 years of design and ingenuity by a team of skilled and seasoned imaginers at the Walt Disney Company.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye was discovered at Disneyland, deep in the jungles of Adventureland and opened its doors to guests on March 3rd, 1995. Built long ago to the deity, Mara, the temple offers the “pure of heart” one of three magical gifts. However, ancient legend also issues a warning ,”A terrible fate awaits those who gaze into the eyes of Mara”, as they might be vaporized by beams of fire or face other horrors such as screaming mummies, creepy crawlies, ravenous rodents and poison darts!

This model is one of ten rare recreations showcasing the details of a Disneyland attraction. Five of these unique conversation pieces were presented to key people of the Disneyland project responsible for making Indiana Jones one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences at Disneyland in California. Each replica of the show is comprised of six removable components including, the “Load / Unload Area Vault”, the “Hall of Promise”, the “Gates of Eternal Doom”, the “Bug Chamber”, the “Snake Chamber” and the “Sacrificial Chamber Skull”. “The Chamber of Destiny” and the “Giant Rolling Ball” have moving parts which enable you to see how the illusions were created. Over 100 cast pieces are assembled and scenically painted with pain-staking detail by former Disney Artist and Imagineer, John Stone to bring this miniature version of the “Temple of the Forbidden Eye” to life.

John Stone was involved with the Indiana Jones project from its conceptual beginning in 1989. It was John’s first 1/8” model of the Indiana Jones concept which was the key instrument that sold the show to Disneyland management in 1990. After two years of leading the dimen-sional design effort of the show John was inspired to create a “coffee-table” version on his own time which was presented to the shows executive producer, Tony Baxter. With the help of fellow-imagineer, Scott Goddard, they molded and cast parts for 9 more models. Model # 5 was featured in a two year, world tour presentation of Disney Art & Architecture.

John is a veteran Imagineer with 26 years of experience with Walt Disney Imagineering and has helped to bring many successful attractions e.g. Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones and Winnie the Pooh to the parks throughout his career.



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